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From The Chairman

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A Letter from the Chairman:
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Mark Boozell Thank you for taking some of your time to review this information that we have put together regarding the Danforth Foundation for Children. We have attempted to include the appropriate background materials and documentation to give you a sense of the important work that is being done with the funds received by the Foundation. If we’ve missed something, or you would like more detailed information, we would love to talk with you.

I started my career in state government, spending more than two decades in public service. I held senior positions in both the Legislative and Executive branches of government, which included appointments as Illinois Insurance Commissioner and Chief of Staff to the Governor. Since then, I have held executive positions with a Fortune 500 company and a major metropolitan law firm. I’ve witnessed the largesse of corporate charitable giving when the corporate leaders can see and understand the good works being accomplished with their funds. The Danforth Foundation for Children is clearly such a charity.

Corporate America has been very good to many of us, and has the opportunity now to do even more good. Honduras is a country that freely abandons their children, where families that have jobs live on a minimum wage of $.90/hr, and those that do not have work live on much less - a country where clean water and septic facilities are rare. Given this, it’s nice to know of an organization that is run mostly by self-funded volunteers dedicated to saving these children from the streets and raising them in a family setting.

I’ve personally witnessed these conditions on several trips to Honduras. The work being done by the Danforth Foundation for Children, and the groups that it works with, is nothing short of amazing. Giving orphaned children the opportunity to grow up in a home with a family would be a great accomplishment here in the United States, let alone in a Third World country.

Please spend some time with these materials, and consider supporting the Danforth Foundation for Children with your personal, corporate, or 501(c)(3) foundation funds. And once again, if you have any questions please contact me or any of our Board members. We’d love to talk with you about the progress and impact of the work of the Danforth Foundation for Children.


Mark Boozell

Chairman, Danforth Foundation for Children

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