Meet a Family

Nurture + Compassion + Education = Productive Citizens

Meet one of the families of Rancho Ebenezer:

The cornerstone of the vision of Rancho Ebenezer is to raise these previously abandoned children in individual homes, with parents that care for them and love them.

Two of those parents are Carlos Javier and Maria Eugenia Nuņez . They are Honduran and left their lives in the capital city to come and serve at Rancho Ebenezer and help fulfill this dream to give these children an opportunity. Javier was a professional soccer coach and Maria Eugenia owned a catering business. They have been married for 41 years and have four biological children and five grandchildren. They are pleased to have the opportunity to raise a second family at Rancho Ebenezer and to be able to provide love and guidance. Here is that family (left to right in photo):

Nancy , is 16 years old, always has a huge smile, and loves sports. She is in the 9th grade and enjoys making new friends.

Isabel is seventeen years old and an 8th grade student. She loves being at home, likes to cook and is very helpful in the home.

Banya , biological sister with Isabel and Nancy, is fourteen years old and a 5th grade student. She is a very obedient girl and enjoys being on the soccer field with her friends.

Carlos and Maria with the newest addition to their home is Jennifer, who is three and a half years old. She is a very smart, sweet girl and has brought a lot of joy to this home.

Miriam is seventeen years old, a very good student in the 9th grade, and enjoys doing handicrafts.

Eleni , Miriam’s biological sister, likes dogs and music. She is fourteen years old and an 8th grade student.

You will notice that for some of these kids their education grade level tracks behind where they would normally be for their age. In most cases this is because they were behind when they first arrived to be cared for. Because of this, some of these children will be nineteen or twenty years old before they finish high school.
However, most of them will be bilingual and will be much better prepared to transition into a productive, fulfilled, adult life. Imagine where they would have landed in life if they had not been raised at Rancho Ebenezer.

These children are living the dream of being in their own home, with parents that care for them and teach and provide for them. They are being given the opportunity to fulfill the same hope that all children have; to be loved, to be cared for, to be fully prepared for life; to be given opportunity and the life skills to take advantage of that opportunity --- to find fulfillment.
That’s Rancho Ebenezer!

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