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Rancho Ebenezer - Operating Cost - Master Site Plan

The Foundation’s flagship project is a family ranch called Rancho Ebenezer which is located on the mountain-side just outside the capital city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Why Honduras? Because Honduras is a country full of abandoned and homeless children and is a good place to develop a model for addressing this critical issue which can then be used to address the worldwide problem of abandoned children. Here, these previously abandoned and abused children are raised in a single family home, educated in a bilingual, on-campus school, taught life skills, and loved in a way that develops them into healthy adults who will be contributors to society and leaders in Honduras. To ensure that these children have every chance to launch into life on their feet, they also have a transition home in the city called the Bridge House. Here the older children (17 and up) graduate from Rancho Ebenezer and come to learn the life skills for independent living while they finish their education. They learn to manage a household budget, purchase and prepare their own food, and interview for a job. Those who choose to go to college do so on a full scholarship where their food, housing and tuition are covered if they maintain good grades in their university studies.

Various organizations exist that work on different aspects of the problem of abandoned and abused children, or they approach it from a different perspective. In so many cases, the effort is focused on the basic rescue of the children and placement in rescue shelters or orphanages. These efforts should be applauded as there is a need for this type of work. They do basic care for the children, protect them from the weather, and keep them fed. However, the Rancho Ebenezer campus surpasses that vision in that many of these children also need longer term care and a deeper love to make a lasting difference in their lives. It is an investment in recovering a generation soon to be lost and winning it for the sake of all future generations.

This family concept model requires more funding than the rescue shelter/orphanage approach and acknowledges the fact that, instead of placing 500 children in a shelter (broad in scope but more limited in impact), the ranch is designed to care for fewer children (about 80), but at a much deeper level of commitment. A level that touches their lives and effects profound, long term change. What could impact a child’s life more than pulling that child out of the depths of despair and, instead, giving them the warmth of a home, loving parents, and the hope of a bright future. The difference is that this family model requires individual homes, a much higher teacher to student ratio in school, and funds to send those with the interest and ability to college. This model holds the promise of preparing future leaders and establishes a family foundation for the generations to come -- breaking the cycle of poverty, crime, and continual dependency on foreign nations for financial aid that come as a result.

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