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Welcome To The Danforth Foundation For Children

Abandoned children The Danforth Foundation for Children was founded for the purpose of helping the abandoned and abused children of the world by supporting organizations that have as their focus this same goal. The vision, as cast by the Foundation’s namesakes, Allen and Dona Danforth, directly addresses the worldwide problem of children who have been abused and abandoned. This is accomplished by bringing them under the long-term care of a family in a family setting, not the institutional setting of an orphanage or short term basic care of a shelter.

So many of the children in Honduras come from a long line and legacy of broken families where their own biological parents were simply repeating the impoverished and abusive environment in which they were raised. Many times they abandon their children out of sheer desperation. Naturally, these children will only repeat this same cycle, following the same behavior that was modeled for them, unless someone steps in to break the cycle. The Danforth Foundation for Children wants to not only break this cycle of dysfunctional and broken families, but also to prepare these children to be productive, involved citizens and even leaders of their community and country.

Please peruse our web page that describes how these children are taken care of, first in a family ranch setting called Rancho Ebenezer, and then later in a facility called The Bridge House, where the young adults are prepared to launch into independent living. It is our hope that you will see the value that we see in this work and join us in it. The foundation is in the process of raising $800,000 to finish the Rancho Ebenezer facility, which is currently about 50% completed. We are would ask you and/or your 501(c)(3) to consider helping raise these funds so that this work can be completed and these children in need can be cared for and given a hope for their future.

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